1. Reduce Stress: Divorces, custody battles, etc. can cause enormous stress and can stress the kids. Hiring a family law attorney will enable you to offload some of that stress and anxiety. Additionally, the unknown can be stressful all on its own and having an attorney be able to tell you how it works, and likely outcomes, can be an invaluable de-stressor. Let the attorney handle the hard parts so that you can focus on rebuilding your personal life and turning the page on a difficult marriage or relationship.
  2. Mounds of Paperwork: Family law cases always require tons of paperwork. The paperwork consists largely of court forms likely foreign to you. Hiring a family law attorney can ensure that all of your paperwork gets filed correctly the first time to prevent your case from being delayed or possibly being thrown out. Competent family law attorneys, such as the ones at Mesnik Law Group know how to fill out and file all the necessary paperwork in a timely manner and avoid mistakes that can ultimately hurt your case in Court.
  3. Cost-Effective: If you select a competent and ethical attorney the fees charged by the attorney can pale in comparison to the opportunity costs in dealing with it yourself or making mistakes that can cost you a fortune. Some mistakes in family law cases are permanent and even if the mistake is fixable, the cost of hiring an attorney to fix it can often be many times what it would have cost to hire an attorney at the outset. Competent family law attorneys handle divorces and other family law issues on a daily basis. We know exactly how the process works and what it takes to resolve your case in the most efficient manner possible. This results in lower attorney’s fees and costs as well as less time being spent inside the courtroom.
  4. Objectivity: Hiring a family law attorney can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case and give you a realistic expectation of an outcome since the attorney would not be emotionally invested in your case as you or your other support system may be. The attorneys at Mesnik Law Group will give you objective advise about your case. This becomes all the more important when your case is highly contentious and emotions are running high. Mesnik Law Group knows how to counsel clients as to what is in their best interests rather than making rash emotional decisions when handling a case.
  5. Don’t Miss Anything Or Fall Victim to Common Pitfalls: A family law attorney will be knowledgeable of ALL the issues you are facing in your divorce, or other family law case. The attorney can ensure you deal with all the relevant issues in your case to avoid you having to come back to court over and over again. Additionally, an experienced Family law Attorney, such as the ones at Mesnik Law Group will be able to advise you of the many pitfalls many people fall victim to that are not properly advised. Some things sound great when you’ve read about it on the internet but in practice tend to lead to heartache and failure.
  6. Get the Best Outcome: Don’t get caught focusing on the wrong things, or being myopic for a victory. An experienced family law attorney will concentrate on creating the best deal possible for you, which may mean helping you understand where to compromise and where not to compromise. Its frequently said that a good settlement is where both parties give up something, neither party loves the outcome, but everyone can live with it. An attorney will help prevent you from making key mistakes in negotiations or litigation strategy which ultimately will prevent wasting your money by fighting over things that aren’t worth it.Not to state the obvious, but if your case ends up at trial a competent Family Law Attorney is likely to be much more persuasive to the judge than you can be given their experience and, if you’ve chosen your well, a good reputation in the legal community that the judge knows about.