Spousal Support also known as Alimony, Palimony, or Partner Support is available to couples during and after a divorce, legal separation, or dissolution of domestic partnership proceeding. Temporary Spousal Support ordered during the proceedings is designed to help splitting couples to maintain the financial status quo as much as possible.

Final or sometimes called permanent spousal support is ordered at the end of a case and is meant to help ex spouses maintain the marital standard of living if they are unable to do so on their own. The Courts frequently use a computer program to calculate guideline spousal support for guidance in determining an amount of spousal support to order. Family Code Section 4320 mandates a court review many factors in determining an amount of spousal support to order, factors such as the marital standard of living, each party's respective incomes or abilities to earn an income, separate property assets, support provided by others, needs of the supported party, and education and contribution to eduction by each spouse.

Determining an appropriate amount of spousal support and for how long it should be paid can be a complicated evaluation of the circumstances and frequently requires the opinion of experts. Mesnik Law Group's experienced staff can help evaluate your individual case, negotiate a fair outcome, or present your case to the court.

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