California has one of the highest costs of living anywhere in the Country and the child support orders issued by California Courts tend to be some of the highest in the Country as well. The amount of child support ordered by a Court is based on a complex guideline set out by the California Legislature and a computer program is utilized to interpret the complex formulas. For a fair outcome it is imperative that the numbers the judge inputs into the computer program are accurate and represent a fair income for each party. There are many factors utilized in a child support guideline calculation that the average attorney and even some judges struggle to understand that could have a dramatic impact on your child support order. At Mesnik Law Group we are intimately familiar with all factors that could impact the amount of child support you should receive or may have to pay. We are also highly experienced in discovery methods for determining a party's income even for those parties who are self employed.

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Department of Child Support Services

If your case involves the Department of Child Support Services aka DCSS you should contact us immediately before filing any documents or communicating with the DCSS. The DCSS does not officially represent either party and cannot assure that they will represent your interests or even deal with you fairly. Don't get caught off guard contact us now for a free consultation.

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