PrenuptialAgreements and PostNuptialAgreements

Prenuptial agreements are becoming increasing popular to provide parties with more certainty about their financial rights and obligations with the person they are about to marry. Without a prenuptial agreement the standard community property laws and support laws will apply which may not be in your best interest or may simply not be an agreeable risk.

California law allows for couples contemplating marriage to create a contract defining their financial relationship with each other in nearly whatever manner they desire. A prenuptial agreement can also be extremely useful to protect premarital assets during a divorce proceeding.

Although couples may enter into prenuptial agreements California law provides safeguards against undue influence and places restrictions on the procedures for executing a prenuptial agreement. Given the current state of the law it is also highly advisable that EACH party have their own independent attorney to draft, review, and negotiate the agreement

Mesnik Law Group has extensive experience drafting and reviewing both pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements and can help you draft or negotiate a comprehensive and enforceable agreement.

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