PostJudgmentIssues, Modifications,Omitted Assets, Set Asides

In a divorce, legal separation, paternity, child custody, child support, or domestic violence case issues can linger well beyond final judgment. Frequently parties require modifications to child custody and visitation orders, modifications to child support orders, and modifications to spousal support orders due to a change in circumstances that arises after the initial orders.

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Other issues may arise after final judgment as well such as identification of an asset or debt that was not divided during the divorce proceeding, this is what we call an omitted asset. Sometimes issues arise or information is obtained after judgment that warrants the entire judgment be vacated a procedure we call a request to set aside a judgment. Set aside proceedings are common when one party has not been given an opportunity to participate and a default judgment taken against them.

No matter what your post judgment issue is Mesnik Law Group can help you seek modification, divide an undivided asset, or set aside the judgment. We have extensive experience handling all types of post judgment issues. Contact us now for a free consultation to learn what options are available to you.
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